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David Goldsmith

David Goldsmith is an is an experienced and influential independent consultant, specialising in employee relations, conflict resolution, shared services and consensus building between organisations.

David is hugely experienced in all facets of HR due to his 30-year career in local government at the London Borough of Sutton. He has delivered major procurement exercises including originating, implementing and managing the pioneering and award-winning London Boroughs Recruitment Partnership (LBRP), one of the first and most complex shared service arrangements in London local government. 

David extended the LBRP from the original eight partner boroughs to the current 28, increasing the partnership threefold within a couple of years. This created a viable shared offering and achieved an innovative discount and rebate model that delivered £1m per year in savings to partner boroughs.

During his time at Sutton David won national recognition from local government peers. He reorganised and rationalised Sutton's recruitment service in tandem with external partners. Through the use of sound and accountable business and service remodelling, he achieved financial savings in excess of £500,000 per annum for the authority and gained a substantial improvement in service standards by halving the time it took to hire. He also developed and delivered one of the first end-to-end recruitment IT systems in local government.

Five years ago David set up as an interim HR consultant and he now brings his knowledge and experience to a range of organisations in the public and private sectors including a leading software company, a leading transport company and Primark.

As an interim David has advised on tendering arrangements for public sector contracts. He has also shared his expertise on product development, talent management software, emergent trends and how to offer best value to local authorities. He has spoken about shared services and collaboration to a range of organisations across the country. 

David has written publications include a guide to the implications of social enterprise for local authorities, written for the Local Government Employers (LGE), and an ‘expert’ guide on Managing Stakeholders for the Public Sector People Management Association.  

David joined the HR Lounge in 2014.

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