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How to make a difference with HR

Here are ten quick tips that make the biggest difference in organisations.

1. Creating the right attitude: We are responsible for who we recruit and how we recruit them. We should ensure that we recruit for attitude and that also means parting company with those who have the wrong attitude. 
2. Understand how our people drive performance: We need to know what people think about working in our organisations, as that is key to developing a people strategy that makes a difference.
3. Collaborate internally and externally: Today’s challenges mean we won’t have all the answers or all the talent so we need to link up with people who do.
4. Invest in the education of our people: We need to ensure that we build the skills of those in the organisation as well as those that we bring in. 
5. Celebrate difference: Once you understand and accept the differences among those in the organisation, you can begin to celebrate them. 
6. Measure outcomes more than inputs: Organisations only want to know the impact of HR and what we deliver. All too often our attention is focussed on HR rather than the organisation.
7. Embrace technology: Digital technology delivers HR initiatives more quickly and cost effectively. It can also deliver them in a way that is engaging and effective.
8. Only reward behaviours that enhance long terms sustainability: We need to understand which behaviours make a difference to performance. The only way to do this is to get out there and see for yourself.
9. Introduce talent management that maps current organisational capability against future need: If HR doesn’t have a detailed understanding of the organisation’s five-year plan you won’t be making a difference. Get to know those who are driving business strategy and get them on board.
10. Donuts, Duvets and DVDs: Sometimes the most simple of rewards and new approaches can mean the most. Try offering duvet days to your most brilliant staff and insist that they can only do amazing things for themselves on those days. Bring donuts into your next team meeting or mince pies if you feel festive and, try a training session with a difference. After work have a DVD evening with HR related topics, try the film, “Up in the Air” to get a debate going about redundancies. Try something different every day.
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