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A large and complex local authority required an independent investigation into serious allegations against a senior member of the organisation.


Like most internal investigations, organisations require highly experienced,  discreet investigators that can quickly get to the heart of issues, gain trust and provide independent objective recommendations based on the evidence presented. As with many workplace investigations, the issues are often complex and highly sensitive so need to be handled with upmost professionalism and discretion. 

Our Approach

We undertook an internal review of the allegations and policy documents along with all documentary evidence and agreed our approach and timeframe with the organisation.

Witnesses were interviewed both face-to-face and for those who could not attend meetings, by phone/Skype.

Following our in-depth investigation we recommended that conciliation may be the best way forward and presented detailed reports to both parties. 


Following time for reflection, both parties agreed to participate in the conciliation route.  This was facilitated and managed by The HR Lounge.

Both parties agreed a series of ground rules that would avoid future difficulties or complaints. This allowed both staff to remain in their posts and avoided costly legal action which had been anticipated by the employer.

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Internal investigations