Martha Clarke

Martha Clarke is the founder and director of ClarkeMediationUK where she has carried out over 50 mediations for clients such as universities, schools, banks, major retailers, the NHS, Royal Mail, charities and trade unions.

Martha is a fully qualified workplace, civil and commercial and community mediator. She has mediated two-party conflicts and group conflicts in demanding organisations, where time is at a premium. 

In addition, to mediating Martha delivers accredited workplace mediation courses and shorter courses on managing workplace conflict.  She also coaches clients on how to manage difficult relationships.

With a background in psychology, Martha is dedicated to enabling clients and organisations to be their best. As a mediator she gives parties the space and support they need to come up with their own solutions; as a replica rolex trainer she takes time to understand her clients and their needs before tailoring courses to their needs; and as a coach she adopts a holistic approach enabling clients to fully explore their issues and make decisions.

We are delighted that Martha has joined us at The HR Lounge. 

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