Seven sins for new bosses

According to leadership performance experts, First 100, there are seven deadly sins for new bosses. Here’s what they should avoid.

  • Don’t sleep with a colleague unless you are married or in a relationship with them
  • Don’t keep using the annoying phrase “how we did things in my last organisation
  • Avoid too many introductory meetings that you can’t keep up with
  • Don’t make decisions just for the sake of being seen to be decisive
  • Don’t avoid sacking someone in the hope they will work out later –they rarely do.
  • Don’t avoid playing the political game because you will find out that everyone else is at it
  • Avoid telling staff you’re going to spend the first three months asking questions.
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I would add to that list:
  • Take with a pinch of salt the people who say that they want to hear the honest view of their individual and collective shortcomings from the outside. They are often testing you, temper your brash approach till you know what you are talking about. Then you can afford to be brave.
  • Remember that people are protective of their organisations history don’t rubbish everything that they have been.
  • Don’t assume that you can solve everything in the first six months, set yourself realistic timescales for achievement
  • Never park in the bosses car parking space they really do mind!
  • Don’t decide to let your hair down at the first business dinner you attend with lashings of pinot grigio.  Drink one glass then stick to soft drinks.
  • Don’t gossip, particularly about your new boss. That totally trustworthy new friend may be the office snitch.  Keep your own counsel.
Lastly do more listening than speaking and work out what is really going on in your new domain.

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Seven sins for new bosses
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