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What are your HR resolutions for 2013?

It's a New Year and millions of people will vow to:
  • Stop smoking
  • Start exercising
  • Sort out their finances and romantic lives. 
Most will have failed by February and will find themselves next year making the same resolutions. In HR we are used to operating in an atmosphere of constant uncertainty and this year helping people of the organisation achieve business objectives will be no mean feat. 
So what are the resolutions that will take your HR team to the top and keep you there?

If your team are committed to the following you won’t go wrong:
We resolve to be a force for positive change in our organisation: HR needs to lead from the front, no room for naysayers. As the voice of the organisation we need to communicate the passion and business objectives of our organisations. We set the tone at every stage of our employees time with us.
We will invest time in learning about the business of our organisation: Our HR teams need to understand the front line and the only way they will do this is to be out there experiencing what our customers experience. If they are not they will have no credibility with managers or be able to align HR to business strategy.
We will understand the bottom line and always include costs and return on investment before proposing HR initiatives: With budgets under constant scrutiny the days of doing things because they are “nice to do” are over. Any HR director worth their salt will kick out business cases that don’t have a full financial analysis balanced with the value added. They will also ensure that financial skills are developed in the HR team.
We will identify potential sources of conflict before they erupt: Do this by talking to, and more importantly listing to, staff and asking them to identify what gets in the way of their achievements, be it resources, budgets processes or even managers. The task for HR is to identify the bottlenecks and remove them. Only then can you build positive work environments.
We will develop and share goals with our staff: Identify where the organisation is going and what it hopes to achieve, goals should be ambitious and clear, each employee needs to know where they fit in to help achieve the goals.
Involve staff in plans for organisational change: Form teams to discuss the issues identified in the staff survey, before implementing any changes and bring together groups of staff to discuss and help with implementation plans. Really involve staff and they will be the advocates for the changes rather than obstacles.
Shape an organisation culture that attracts and develops talent: In order to make talent a sustainable, competitive advantage an organisations culture must support employee growth, creativity and development. This means values are clear and consistent and that the executives messages and actions are congruent. For example an organisation that values integrity and then fails to act on wrongdoing is not going to persuade staff it is truthful and trustworthy.
We will keep our attention laser focussed on the critical few things that make a difference: Know the difference between what is essential and what is merely interesting. The fascinating distractions can come in a variety of forms, such as emergencies, someone else’s problems or the “nice to do’s “ which take you away from the “must do’s”.
We will never lose sight of the strategic issues even when our time and focus are claimed by the day to day demands: Crises will come and go and HR teams will need to become experts at juggling. Remember the strategic value of every action the team takes and keep an eye on the longer term not just what is happening this week.
We will help our organisation re-discover what is wonderful about itself: We may be saving lives, educating young people, keeping our communities safe or building healthier environments. Whatever it is we do we need to remember that old expression “that which you feed grows the most”. What are you feeding your attention to the most? The challenges? The emergencies? Or the inspiring work that your organisation delivers every day. If you can do this you will not only inspire your people and keep them you will also know that your efforts lead to fantastic outcomes for people and communities.

These top 10 resolutions have worked for me, do you agree or are there more to be added?





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