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Women graduates demand less pay than men

A recent analysis of salary requests by Graduate-jobs.com found that women are asking for lower salaries than men when negotiating their first job following graduation. 

The research found the difference between the wage expectation of females and males was £1,438 and this gap hasn't narrowed in the past ten years. 

Said the HR Lounge CEO Angela O'Connor:

"It's really sad that in 2014 we are still looking at survey results where women undervalue themselves in the employment market and that organisations are allowing this to happen".

"There is a great deal yet to be done to raise the confidence level of young women so that they see themselves valued in the employment market".

"We all bear a responsibility for making greater moves forward in this area as employers, educators, parents, politicians and HR professionals". 

Angela further argues that organisations need to audit pay and benefits to ensure they reward people based on merit and skills rather than gender". 

A fuller analysis of the survey can be found in the HR Magazine


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